Every Choice We Make Affects Who We Become

We are a community in Christ. We pray and care for one another burdens; we are stronger together than we can be on our own. Part of what it means to be a church is to train one another in godly behaviour, especially from generation to generation. We also see the church as a place for our young people to find each other. Our church offers a time for young people to get together, with parents included, to be trained in discipleship and to get confidence in meeting and getting to know each other. It is one thing to understand that a home discipleship church reaches and supports people who desire to be players’ teams, not spectators, in their daily walks with God. Christianity starts in your own life and family and extends your impact to others as far as possible. I hope that you will develop a walk with God in your family that spreads spontaneously. Christianity involves every aspect of your life and the life of your family. It touches how you think, how you speak, how you work, how you worship. It is not something you can squeeze into the corner of your calendar; it’s the very framework into which you slot the events of your life. It asks you to incorporate your walk with God into everything you do. Each of us orients our lives around something, and if we do not make it our walk with God, then it will be our walk in the world. We are in a competition with the advertisers of this world, who wants to sell to us a particular kind of lifestyle. If we believe that any area of our life is exempted from influencing our relationship with God, we are mistaken. Every choice we make affects who we become.

A lot of people are trying to improve their lives by dealing with the external fruits. But the true is, unless they get to the root, they will never be able to change the fruit. Ask God to show if you have any bitter roots that need to be dug up and extracted

The Visit of Archbishop Collin R. Johnson - Read and Discuss The Bible

Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Rom 12:2). Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is. His good, pleasing and perfect will. The pattern of our lives as followers of Jesus is to be structured in such a way that God is the center of your existence. Your relationship with God back-and-forth, conversational and ever deepening relationship has to be your number one priority. Since God desires nurturing, loving relationships between human beings, your second priority is to value all of your human Relationships with friends, with family, with neighbours, with people in your church, with people who have never set foot in a church. we are strengthened by the solidarity of being the body of Christ, bringing the many gifts of the community before God, greeting, exhorting, singing, repenting, cleansing our hearts together. In most Christian circles, attending church and having personal devotions each morning is where the bar is set in terms of having a deep connection with God. But there are so many other ways in which God can connect with us; if we let him into all of our human relationships. The family is one of the key areas that we have lost this joint pursuit of God as churches have launched specialized programs for each family member. Read and discuss the Bible, and pray together. There are moments of frustration with children that can be diffused by a consistent habit of bringing our burdens before God together.

Commitment To Transparency & Professionalism

As a registered church organization operating at arm’s length, we continue to encourage the church council in its pursuit of excellence in fair service and professional treatment of member’s contributions. Although there is a possibility that a lapse in timely reporting service or fair programs execution exists due to time constraint; we need to resolve it as appropriate steps are put to improve it.  We have to listen to contributor’s concerns, educate and inform them about the work we do, and investigate their complaints if any. We are proud of our achievements and the resiliency, adaptability, and commitment to service demonstrated by your focus on reviewing and improving our processes, where necessary. Most of all, we will keep listening to your concerns and consult with each other to improve services and financial contributions in a timely manner and to remind all members of their obligations and duties.

Our principles are to firmly believe in the independence, impartiality, fairness, and confidentiality of our interactions to achieving a brighter future. Our position is not to advocate on behalf of other people or communities, but ours; to be exemplary in our dealings by actions. It is critically important to our church council to feel confident that our services are rights that we will uphold - A multi-denomination and multi-ethnic Community church- full of love and unity as children of God.

Our Pastoral Team invites every  Christian in our multi-denominational and multi-ethnic church to reflect on our role as stewards of God's many gifts, calling us to a profound inner conversion that leads us to a spirit of generosity, most fully revealed in the sharing of time and talent with each other’s; For us to live every moment in a spirit of gratitude, looking for ways to use fruitfully all that have been given to us, in the service of God, joyfully in our community, with our neighbors and the world at large. To do our work effectively we must ensure that we: engage the​ families, Sunday school children, especially youth groups; to celebrate our cultural diversity; use resources wisely; and communicate effectively to build a strong prosperous God loving community.

The Sudanese Community Church of Toronto, along with its associate members and sister churches in Ontario, is able to coordinate key programs and initiatives aimed at changing the culture of the community to better embrace reconciliation to promote harmony amongst its various ethnic groups as well as providing practical advice, full of aspiration that reconciliation in the community is encouraged. At every stage of this journey there are things that can be authentic and real and can help resolve and strengthen our mutual understanding. We can be so thrilled and honored and happy and proud and exhilarated and hopeful, if we understand that vision, innovation, creativity, passion, determination, leadership, and guidance are important characteristics for success. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Be honest and ethical in all matters. Give credit where it’s due.

Our desire is that each believer with us would grow as disciples of Jesus Christ and come to the full knowledge of God’s truth. Our aim is that people would encounter God through the preaching of God’s Word and through worship in praise, prayer and song whenever we come together. Bring the good news of Christ’s salvation, all we do would build up the church as a Christ’s Body in the Sudanese Community of Toronto to the glory of God.